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24/7 & after hours live telephone answering services

These days businesses are expected to be 24/7. Gone are the days when it was acceptable to have a 9-5 operation with 9-5 call answering. Now you are expected to be contactable after hours as well as during business hours.


All businesses need an after hours virtual assistant


Being a 24/7 business does not necessarily mean that you have to be there at all hours of the day. With a virtual receptionist from Virtual Headquarters you can get on with your business and get on with your life while we take care of whichever calls you want us to answer.

When you sign up for our virtual reception service you gain the ability to forward your incoming calls to us whenever you are unable to answer them. This might be during a busy part of the day or it might be after hours when you are relaxing with your family or friends.

So, how does it work?

- When you sign up for a free trial with you are allocated a unique telephone number. You can then divert any of your incoming calls to that number when you are unable to answer them.

- Once you have your unique telephone number you will need to tell us what you want said when we answer your calls. This greeting can be anything that you want it to be and is unique to your business. Your greeting can be changed at any time that you like by simply logging in to our easy to use admin portal and making the changes to your account. The admin portal is really accessible and can be accessed by PC, tablet and by APP. We have APP's available for both IOS (Apple) and Android so we totally have you covered. A lot of people like to have seasonal messages for their customers so they regularly get in and change their greetings.

- The next thing that you need to tell us is how you want your messages delivered. Most people opt to have their messages delivered by email as they can then read them on their smart phone. You can also opt to have your messages delivered by text however there is a small fee involved if you opt for this approach. Either way that we deliver the message to you, we aim to have your message with you within minutes of your call taking place. You may not be answering your calls yourself however you will still be in the loop in terms of what is going on.

- You are now ready to go. We can answer your incoming calls when you are busy during the day or after hours when you have left for the day. Either way, Virtual Headquarters will have you covered. We have receptionists available to take your calls 24/7 year round.

- Our service is really cost effective. We have a variety of packages available for customers dependent upon the number of calls that they receive. For example, if you decide to opt for our Virtual Receptionist 100 package you will receive 100 phone calls during the month for a cost of $135. Any excess calls over the 100 threshold would then be charged out at $1.85 per call. You can move up and down through packages at any time that you like. So, if you are experiencing a really busy period during work you might want to move up a notch or two until that busy period is over.

- It makes really good business sense. Customers really don't like being directed to an automated message service. With Virtual Headquarters you can give your customers a personalized service for a reasonable cost.

A live call handling service can transform your businesses image - Your customers will think that your business is much bigger than it actually is.

No lock in contracts - Stop or start your contract whenever you want. We don't lock you in because we believe that our exceptional service and value will convince you to stay with us.

No security deposits are required to be paid.

No obligation at all to carry on after the free trial. We will not hound you to use us.

It makes good business sense to present your business in a professional manner every time someone calls, even when it is after hours. 24/7 is the way the world is moving. Contact our friendly customer service staff today to find out more.

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