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Benefits Of A Virtual Receptionist - Take Your Business Forward

Surviving in the cut throat world of business these days requires pragmatic policies which ensure that you always doing what you are best at. You always need to concentrate on the core areas of your business and delegate the other duties to suitable candidates if you want to keep pace with your rivals. Research has shown that answering phone calls is the major distraction of employees at work, and that is why outsourcing telephone answering services to a virtual receptionist service is a step in the right direction.


Focus on your business not on your phone calls


Most small businesses have not embraced the outsourced phone answering service and that is why they struggle to move from one step to the other. They hire a receptionist, pay wages and other costs associated with hiring, and still get half-baked phone answering services because the receptionist only works for 8 hours a day or less. Even within these 8 hours, the receptionist may be busy attending to a customer or doing something else, and important sale calls are consequently missed. To solve these and many more problems, small businesses should consider getting a virtual receptionist. This way, costs are saved up to approximately 50%. Here are other benefits of outsourcing telephone answering services to a virtual receptionist service.

Virtual Headquarters phone answering services gives a good first impression. You will never get a second chance to give a good first impression. Virtual Headquarters always ensure that your calls are picked in your business name, advertising your brand. Callers receive a professional greeting and their enquiries are handled professionally whenever they call. This often makes the difference in most small businesses.

A remote receptionist from Virtual Headquarters knows how to deal with a caller looking for directions, sales information or other basic information regarding the business. Only the calls that demand your specific attention are forwarded to you. Some virtual receptionist service providers can also transfer your calls directly to your Direct Dial In (DDI) number, landline or cell phones. You can also have an 800 number with most remote receptionist services even if you just have a cell phone number. This is especially good for the businesses that need to provide free support. Sometimes virtual receptionists can perform other tasks on behalf of your business, especially if you have taken advantage of our Virtual Assistant service and tasked them with sales admin roles.

We can do more than just answer your calls

If you deal in digital goods for example, it is easy for the virtual receptionist to explain to a caller how to buy and pay for the goods. This happens both during office hours and out of office hours. Calls that are received while offices are closed are recorded and messages relayed to the targeted individuals through email or SMS on their cell phones. This way, the business is seen to be running 365 days a year, which is recommended at these tough economic times.

Our remote receptionist services can be tailored to meet your business needs by making use of our powerful admin area. There are no two businesses that are identical. Virtual Headquarters can customize our service to meet your needs. We do not adopt a one-size-fits-all approach.

We work after you go home

Remote receptionists are available outside of office hours, during weekends and public holidays. When you think about it your business remains operational long after you have left the office. Virtual Headquarters services are offered 24/7. This gives the impression that your business is bigger than it actually is and goes a long way in creating a long term relationship with your customers. Customers love the personal touch associated with these services and they will feel that their needs are being met. Voice mail is no longer sufficient and most customers refuse to use it anyway.

Our services are cost effective

Call answering services from Virtual Headquarters are flexible and affordable. It will not cost you an arm or a leg to outsource your call answering services. In fact, there are no long term contracts and you only pay a small retainer plus you pay for what you use on a per call basis. If you only use it during emergency periods, then your fees will be relatively small. With Virtual Headquarters a 7 day Free Trial is available for you to try so that you will be sure of the value that the remote receptionist will add to your business before you commit to our service.

Limit the number of people you need to employ

The more people that you have in your organisation the more admin and people management you are going to have to do. By making use of virtual staff and specifically telephone answering service staff you can limit how many people you actually need in your organisation. For a start-up this can make a huge difference, you don't need to employ receptionists and admin related people and you can focus on people who work on your core functions. It really does make good business sense.

We give you back the time to focus on growth

Call answering services also gives you ample time to focus on your business growth. You have delegated the duty of receiving phone calls to a reliable call answering service provider. Now all you have to do is to look for opportunities and take advantage of them as much as you can. Sometimes, handling in bound calls can take a lion’s share of your time at the office, especially if you are explaining a new product of service. Therefore, it is advisable to dedicate your work time to the activities that matter most to your business.

Virtual Assistants from Virtual Headquarters can also serve as technical help desk experts if you train them on your products. You can reduce the time you spend explaining some of the simpler technical aspects of your goods or services by providing details to the virtual assistant in terms of how your business works. Modern businesses are also tasking virtual receptionists with email response services. This frees up more time for your technical team to do something else.

It really does make good business sense

All said and done, small businesses need to realize that the amount of money they can save by outsourcing their telephone answering services to Virtual Headquarters can be quite significant. Spending lots of money advertising your business and missing sales calls is self-defeating logic. To put your business in the right professional shape, you need to outsource call answering services.

Where are you located?


Our team of highly skilled professional receptionists are based in Phoenix Arizona however we provide services to businesses in most states throughout the USA. We can provide your business with the style of administrative support that you need to help you to take it to the next level.


How do I get my messages?

It's really quite easy, when you set up an account we will allocate a telephone number to your account. This is the number that we will be answering. You then tell us how you tell us how you would like us to greet your customers when we are answering your calls. After that you tell us how you would like your messages to be delivered to you. Our options with respect to messages is that you can either receive a text message to your cell phone or an email message to your inbox. Email messages are free while text messages incur a small charge.


Sounds Great, How Do I Sign Up?

The easiest way is simply to fill out the form on our signup page. If you don't have the time to fill out the form you could simply call one of our friendly staff on 866-454-3599 and we will help you through the process. Let us help you build your business!


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