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Divert services - Phone diversion for just $15 per month

With our automatic phone diversion service you can instantly have local phone numbers allocated to your account from as many local area's as you want. We then make use of call forwarding technology to route any incoming calls to a phone number of your choice.


Take your business national with phone diversion


For many of our US customers a phone divert service like ours gives them the opportunity to take their business national without all of that capital investment needed to set up branch operations.

The divert service has three components. Firstly, you instantly allocate a number in the state/city that you require the number. Secondly, our customer care representatives change your status from "operator answered" to "divert service" and thirdly, any calls that are received to that virtual number will be forwarded to your nominated phone number. Easy!

Features that you will receive with our call forwarding service include;

- A local US number or an 800 number that you can use on your website, business cards, invoices etc.

- Your customers will think that you have an national presence. You can have as many numbers as you want or need.

- We can have you set up in minutes. 10 minutes from now you could have a virtual telephone number in a state of your choice.

- A local US number that you can use on your website, business cards, invoices etc.

- Add or drop local numbers when you need them. It can all be done via your login or you can contact one of our customer care representatives.

- It's a really affordable package. For a low fee of $15 per month you receive up to 500 minutes of call transfers.

A call forwarding service really does make a lot of sense

No lock in contracts - Customers stay with us because we provide an exceptional product.

No security deposits required.

Affordable pricing.

What have you got to lose? You can try our divert service out for 7 days with absolutely no obligation to you. We have more than 4,500 customers using our answering services worldwide and they continue to use us because we provide exceptional value. Call today to find out more about call forwarding.

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