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Our experienced US receptionists are friendly and courteous. Our low rates mean you'll never miss a call and see the benefits.

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At Virtual HQ, we help you present a professional image to the world. Let our receptionists see to it that all your calls are answered promptly without costing you a fortune.

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Callers don't like leaving messages on automated answering services. Don't miss another call with your own personalized live receptionist service.

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Unlike many of our competitors we don't believe in cutting corners and sending your calls to offshore call centers. Your incoming telephone calls will be answered by our American team of experienced professional receptionists. Your customers will think that they are sitting in the office right next to you. Going virtual makes good financial sense.

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Flexible Features

Our service is really flexible and our system is really intuitive to use. You can choose to send all of your calls to us or you can choose to just send us overflow. It really is entirely up to you. Once the incoming call is answered you can either have it forwarded through to another telephone number or we can send you an email or text with details of the call.

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Fully Trained

Our team of professional receptionists are committed to presenting your business in the best possible light. We aim to answer 95% of all telephone calls within 6 rings. Your incoming calls will be safe in our professional hands. We provide call answering services for more that 5000 satisfied customers throughout the USA, UK and Australia.

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Affordable telephone answering solutions

Running a small to medium sized business you are quite often expected to wear a range of different hats. One minute you are out selling your product or service to customers, the next minute you are expected to be the IT professional and fix a computer or printer. All the while you are expected to be answering all of those incoming calls and deal with the enquiries.

There is an easier way! With a call answering service from Virtual HQ, we can give you back the time that you need to really get your business moving. Our professional receptionists can take all of your incoming calls, weed out the time wasters and make sure that you are notified quickly and efficiently about the rest. We focus on calls and you focus on your business.

During office hours our live, trained, professional receptionists will be there to greet your customers with a personalized greeting. By accessing our easy to use customer interface you can change your greeting any time that you like. Immediately after a call is received our professional staff will send you a message via email or text.

It really is an affordable service to use. You can set up our basic service for only $20 per month and the average small business spends around $50 per month. Not a lot of money for the peace of mind that your calls are being handled promptly and professionally. We are so confident in our service that we are happy to let you try it out for 7 days at no cost to you. It really is a no obligation trial with no need to provide any credit card details. Once you try it out we are confident that you will stick around. Many of our customers start with a divert service and then move on to telephone answering. You are totally in control.

Virtual Headquarters - telephone answering services

Setting Up With Our Virtual Receptionist Service

When you apply for our no obligation 7 Day FREE Trial, we will allocate you a local telephone number. This telephone number will be the number that we will be answering calls to. You will also be given access to our world class custom written control panel. The control panel will allow you to tell us how you want your callers greeted, what you want done with the calls once we answer them and, if you require us to send a message, how you want to receive those messages. It is all really easy to do and if at any stage you find that there is something that you don't quite understand then you are more than welcome to call one of our friendly customer representatives and they will be happy to talk you through everything.

You can access our control panel in two different ways. You can either login via the web page that we forward to you or you can access the control panel via our iPhone and Android apps (which are free for you to download from the Apple and Google Play stores). Once you are logged in to the control panel you will be able to change your settings. You can set your profile to "do not disturb" if you want us to answer any incoming calls or you could tell us to transfer your calls to a colleague or alternate phone. It is all extremely flexible and gives you the tools you need to outsource your receptionist services.

You Will Be In Good Company

We currently answer incoming calls for more than 6,000 businesses worldwide. The businesses that we deal with range from small one man bands to large multi-national companies. Our services are particularly popular with attorneys and legal companies, accountants and CPA's, IT professionals, management consultants, real estate professionals, architects, web design companies, online shops and more. We regularly hear our customers say that they wish that they had known about our services years ago as it has made such a dramatic difference to their business. We genuinely believe that Virtual Headquarters can make a dramatic difference to your business as well and we would be happy for you to test us out for 7 days at no cost or obligation. What have you got to lose.

Your Account Can Grow With Your Business

Many of our customers start out with a basic answering service when they start their business and increase their package as they grow. The beauty of the Virtual Headquarters approach is that you can opt for a package that suits your business at that specific time and then you can adjust that package at any time in the future. If your business grows substantially then you can upgrade to a bigger package with more included calls and if the number of calls you are receiving decreases then you can scale things back almost instantly. This fits in perfectly with the requirements of a growing business as you are not stuck with a long term fixed cost, rather, you have a relatively short term variable cost that is matched to your actual work load.

We Charge By The Call, Not The Minute

When you start looking into the costs involved with telephone answering you will see that a large number of our competitors are charging on a per minute basis rather than a per call basis (we charge per call). From our experience (we have been doing this for quite some time) what this does is it passes the risk of longer calls on to the consumer with the provider reducing their risk. Here at we believe in providing a level of certainty to our customers. Our customers do not know how many minutes worth of calls they receive but they usually have a pretty good idea in terms of how many actual calls they receive. Our average call length is around 1.5 minutes so this means that if you are trying to compare apples with apples then our 100 call package would give you around 150 minutes. When you do the comparison you will see that we are actually providing a great value service for our customers.

An Answering Service Will Save You Time

Think about it, how many calls do you take each day that are a complete waste of your time. How many times do you talk to telesales people who are trying to sell you janitorial services or who are trying to get you to switch over from your current utilities suppliers.

As well as the live telesales people you probably get a whole load of those recorded messages trying to sell you anything from legal services to office space. While they don't take a huge amount of time to attend to they do end up distracting you from what you are doing and wasting your time.

With a telephone answering service from you can say goodbye to many of these annoyances. We will simply answer the phone on your behalf and forward you a brief email stating what the call was about. If you get 10 of these calls per day then you can review all of the calls at the same time, wasting around a minute of your time as opposed to an hour!

In addition to the telemarketers and the recorded messages you get the bona-fide customers who simply just want to find out your office address or whether you have parking available etc. Our helpful receptionists can take these calls and give out the advice where needed. Again, saving you all of that precious time.

Studies that have been carried out by a large firm of management consultants have shown that in some industries managers are spending as much as 30% of their time attending to admin style tasks. These tasks include a range of time consuming tasks however one of the big ones on the list is attending to incoming phone calls and giving out quite simple information. As a manager isn't it time for you to win back some of this wasted time and reapply that time to constructive money making objectives!

Think of what you could potentialy do with just one extra hour per week. One extra hour that you could designate to strategic thinking and building a better business or a better department. By using you might be able to claw back 2,3,4 or 5 hours per week that could then be redeployed more effectively within your business.

Lets face it, when you started this business of yours you did so because you were good at what you do not because of your exceptional phone answering skills (despite the fact that you may actually be quite brilliant on the phone). It makes far more sense for you to devote any spare time that you have to earning more money for your business rather than advising customers about parking.

One of the great things about the internet age is that it has provided us with a whole range of affordable services that we can make use of not only in our business ventures but also in our personal life. has made use of these online technologies to create services that can significantly benefit your business.

Why not sign up for a free 7 day trial and find out for yourself in terms of how our service will save you time. You don't have anything to lose. The biggest complaint that we ever here from our customers is "I wish I knew about this sooner, it has changed my life!"

We Can Do A Lot More Than Just Answer Your Phones

When you think of a telephone answering service you tend to think of a message taking service. Someone who answers your incoming calls, takes down a message and then forwards it on to your email address. Here at we can certainly do that, and do it well, however there are a whole range of things that we can do on top of this.

One thing that you can do is to simply use us as a replacement to your regular receptionist. We can answer all your incoming telephone calls and direct them to the appropriate extension. If the caller simply wants to get certain company information then we can also answer their questions. Think of the money that you can save by not having to cover the cost of an in-house receptionists salary. Also, with our telephonists you don't have to worry about lunch hours, sick days or any vacation leave. Also, when you pay per call you don't have to worry about idle time when your in-house staff member is simply sitting around searching the internet because there are no incoming calls.

Another great feature that we offer here at is that we can forward your incoming calls to an alternate number if you are not available. For example, say you are travelling out of state and you are in a hotel room, you can log into our admin console and tell us the number that you can be reached on. We can then forward your calls to that alternate number. You can also give us the numbers of colleagues who can potentially take your incoming calls. If you are not available then we can forward your calls to someone who is. Think of the potential new business that you can bring in if you have a system to make sure that every incoming call gets answered by a suitable person. We can help keep your business ticking over while you are on the road!

Finally, you can make use of our world class virtual assistant service to manage a whole range of sales admin and general admin tasks. Our VA's can fill out web forms, collect information from callers, conduct surveys and a whole range of other tasks.

Our virtual receptionist service has been written in-house by a team of telephone answering experts to deliver a first class level of service to you our customers. We have spent millions of dollars developing a bespoke answering service system that really works and we are proud to offer you the opportunity to use it. Don't just take our word for it though, we have thousands of customers around the world who are using this system and they keep using it because it provides the service that they need. We don't lock our customers into lengthy contracts, they stay with us because they see the value in what we do.

Test drive our state of the art service today. What have you get to lose!

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